Thursday, January 26, 2017


1: the poet loses his vanity.
2: The poet wishes to live a simple life filled with music.
3: The poet lets go of the whispers in stanza one line five, he also sit downs and take a moment to relax and breath stanza two line two.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

poem 4

While in the carriage with death the speaker passes three things, a school with playing children, a field of grain, and the setting sun. The house in which they paused in front of sit on top of a hill, the house is tall, and has rounded crumbled edges. The house can be describe as worn, tired and nasty.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Poem 3

In Sonnet 73 by William Shakespeare States that you can see the "twilight of day", "glows of fire", and the "ashes of his youth". Skipping ahead to the  last two lines, In these two lines the author states that the way your perceive the moments of life molds the strength of your love and may directly affect your ability to love and for the duration of love, may it be forever or just a few weeks. I would instert line breaks at live fine with the word twilight and line nine with the word fire because in life there is beauty from twilight and evil from fire. I would also insert line breaks in lone ten with the word lie and line twelve with the word expire. Line ten because lying is natural when it come to humans and expire because lies expire and the truth would show.

Sunday, November 27, 2016


1) I would say that "the heart that fed" refers to the sculptor's passion for the work.
2) The traveler uses the poem to describe the fight of life the statue had, how once it was pristine, new, and beautiful, now "nothing besides remains. Round decay" states the poem meaning the sculpture is in ruins buried by sand.
3)  Ozymandias can be described as a cocky realist. on the pedestal it state "I am the king of Kings" and "nothing beside remains" This tells me he things is the best with out actually challenging other kings to find out and that he knew his works would one day no longer remain but a pile of ruins. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

college vs social media

I believed that social media should be considered for general enrollment into the university as well as athletic recruitment. These students once enrolled into the institution are ambassadors and represents it everyday and everywhere they go. Students do tend to be a character rather than have character because they want to seem cool and to fit in rather than being the uptight goody goody. I do beleive that schools are preparing students for the outside world for example when  school officials ask students to filter their language its kinda like saying be mindful of what you post.

Monday, November 7, 2016


1) the writer sees the cherry tree during the end of march beginning of april, this is the transition between winter and spring.
2) The author states that Fifty springs is little room so he goes to the woodlands because there is more room.
3) I believe that the speaker is an older guy that enjoys taking nature walks but especially the cherry blossoms,  he enjoys this as a form of meditation and relaxation occasionally rubbing the petals between his index and thumb. I can guess this from the opening line the loveliest of trees, and goes ahead and talks about where he sees them and how they look.

Monday, October 31, 2016


I am in control of 90% of my life. my parental unit is not really involved in my life as they should be but ya know it happens. I control when I leave for school, what i do at school, my friends, elective, classes, extracurricular. I am in charge of when i drive my car where i drive my car who is in my car. The only things i have no control of other people and what they do, usual laws, the curriculum of my school etc... once I go to college i will basically be in control of the same thing not much would change.